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What a lot of people dont know is that the real reason Tony and his founder ended up selling the company was because company culture had completely gone downhill. By Hed ordered a pair of shoes to wear while hes in Afghanistan. Great customer service is essential in 2022 Learn why consumers are willing to spend 17% more with companies that deliver superior customer experiences. After this, Kelli recruited help from her fellow Zappos agents, and they sent dozens of packages, supplies, and thank you cards to all the soldiers at Tommys base for the holidays. As customer service standards continue to dip, delivering outstanding customer care is a truly fantastic way to differentiate your company from the rest of the herd. That only forces your employees into situations where they may come off as scripted or disingenuous. We kind of have to untrain their bad habits.. 6. He works for Robert Bosch, building new products in the Internet of Things (IoT) space, and consults companies on Digital Transformation topics. It might sound anticlimactic to hear that Zappos feels that its unique customer service differentiator is the lowly telephone. He did his MBA from HEC Paris with Strategy specialization and Leadership & Digital Transformation certificates. The digital wave has brought the customers closer to brands making customer interactions more frequent and real-time. By launching a gated offer program, Zappos joins a host of other leading brands committed to deeper relationships with their customers. And they staff their contact centre 24/7. Meet Zappos. Live Content: Micah Solomon Speaks on Customer, Live VideoMicah Solomon Speaks on Customer Service, Your Customer Is The Star: An eBook From Forbes. Zappos designed a 4 week program, in which they go over company history, the importance of customer service, the long term vision of the company. Those who choose to stay on are immersed in a culture of caring and friendship with leadership teams who treat their employees well. In fact, Zappos culture was once perfectly described as beingproudly-weird. (Agent occupancy is the percentage of time that agents spendor are predicted to spendactually handling calls, as a percentage of the time they are on the clock.). The Amazon founder and billionaire was with partner Lauren Sanchez and famous friends, Kris and Kendall Jenner. Zappos developed a set of key values that lives at the heart of their company culture. Then in the contact center, you have to coach your agents towards those values. This final statistic is troubling to Ryo Hanalei Zsun, a former call center agent (customer loyalty team member, in Zapponian) who served as the guide on my tour, and whose dialogue until now has been bathed in Hawaiian-inflected equanimity (as he told me, although hes lived on the mainland since 1999, he proudly carries on the spirit of Aloha). They agreed that high-quality, empathetic customer care executives are essential to achieve this. The metrics used for the performance of this team are based on the value-added to the customer and the quality of interactions, which is opposite to the conventional practice measuring number of calls completed per shift. The reason that wow fails to take root or be sustained at most companies is that success here requires the support of an entire organization, all the way up to the highest levels of leadership. Feeling low on inspiration? Click here to check them out! You have to hire people who have the same philosophy about customer service as you do. Refund a customer for a defective product, and then send a replacement for free. A strong customer service strategy is not just a feel-good factor notionally but also makes good business sense with enough supporting data to it. The chalkboard has a second sector of hand-drawn stats that youll never see compiled at any other contact center, these telling how many flowers, cookies, postcards and unnamed wow gifts have been sent to customers in the previous month and previous year. Build customer experience strategies backed by the data in your contact center, offering them $2,000 to quit after 2 weeks of training. Press Esc to cancel. The Zappos Customer Loyalty Team, Las Vegas. Knowing these companies, one could say that between them Amazon and Zappos represent the A to Z of customer service! We expect every employee to deliver WOW. - Tony Hsieh, CEO @ Zappos. The key here is to support a strong coaching and training culture rather than on strict policies and procedures. (Agent occupancy is the percentage of time that call center agents. 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Don't force your customer service representatives to jump through multiple hoops before they can get approval to give their customers what they need -- give your employees the power to make executive decisions and watch your customers smile. Indianapolis, IN 46204 Without support, you're already signaling to potential customers that they'll be flying solo in the face of problems or questions. With online shopping growing by the day, Zappos is well-positioned as it begins its third decade. All Zapponians know that delivering amazing customer service is what's at the heart of our organization. Set up programs where peers can recognize one another for providing great customer service. These sage words were given by Jeff Bezos just after Amazon acquired Zappos. The easiest way to define this vision is to create a set of statements that act as guiding principles. We all know robot customer service reps fall short, and not meeting your customers' expectations has a damaging and lasting impact on your brand. How? Compared to that, winning and retaining customers through wow is one of the only true bargains around. The success of online shoe retailer Zappos has been well-documented: It went from a struggling start-up in 2000 to getting acquired by Amazon in a deal valued at $1.2 billion in 2009. Why? Madison responds with great sympathy and passion: Honestly, narrows are the worst! Improve Customer Support. This capital intensive initiative is a testament to Zappos culture-centred culture. This pandemic made people discover their latent Mozart, Monet, MasterChef, or marathoner. The phone is. This encourages people to leverage the advantages of online shopping and simultaneously removes the drawbacks. Combined with the free 2-way shipping, this takes away the customers' risk and makes it convenient for them to order as many shoes as they want, keep the ones that fit, and return the others at no additional cost. Website Planning and Creation Customer Service Strategy- Theoretical Foundations: "Customer is King" is a timeless and worldwide business motto! Thus, I decided to send him a care package, and in it, I included a Zappos culture book, Rice Krispies treats, a five-pound gummy bear and a 12-inch, hand-stitched teddy bear that I aptly named Tommy.. It's an evergreen approach to all your interactions. Narrowly speaking, its true: Zappos takes the telephone experience very, very seriously. We tell our new recruits that they are the empowered ones and can do what's necessary to make their customers happy. The new hidden asset of Zappos is Chattermills platform. Through her conversation with her customer, Tommy, Kelli learned that Tommy is in the military. When that one call comes in, Zappos will do anything to make sure its an engaging and personable experience for the customer, in the hope that a single great phone interaction will serve as a proxy in the customers mind for the overall personality of this companythat this company wants to be my friend, to put it rather elementarily. Some agents would be dismissive and rush through an interaction that early in the morning, but not Kelli. Today Zappos is world renowned for its culture. Zappos employees were always encouraged to participate on social media platforms to share their experiences about working at the company and their experiences with customers. They have been successfully executing their marketing strategy with a social focus since the first days of social media. Hear a dog bark, connect over pets. This starts with promoting the chance to call Zappos round the clockyoure invited to do so right at the top of the Zappos homepage, where, in their signature white on blue color scheme, they proclaim, Customer Service Available 24/7 at (800) 927-7671. Zappos is a trailblazer. But cmon! But Zappos is different. They have been successfully executing their marketing strategy with a social focus since the first days of social media. A lot of websites bury customer service numbers five links deep, and even when you find it, its a form or e-mail address that you can only contact once. We want employees that believe in our long term vision, and want to be part of our culture. Technology is starting to replace many conventional human interactions, but is that a good thing? Lets listen in on Madison, an experienced and proficientZappos employee whos working the phones when a customer calls in, distraught over the challenges of finding a comfortable shoe in narrow for an upcoming family wedding. If you get the culture right, then a lot of really amazing things happen on their own. - Tony Hsieh, CEO @ Zappos. This team works 365 days and 247 to make the entire journey special. We welcome your comments on the format at or message us on LinkedIn. Zappos crossed the $1 billion gross sales mark in 2008. Instead, they have everything to do with how satisfied a customer is at the end of a service interaction. Weve actually said no to a lot of very talented people that we know can make an immediate impact on our top or bottom line. Zappos stresses fun and emphasizes customer service. Ideally, this number has to be high. Getting upper management invested in providing service directly to customers - by spending 6 weeks at Zappos's call center! Thanks to our AI-backed sentiment tracker, Zappos is able to pinpoint the parts of the customer journey that users take issue with and uncover hidden insights. Its known for being a little bit weird and they are always looking for ways to improve company culture, no matter how unconventional or counterintuitive the approach may be. The cycle feeds itself - like a snowball that grows bigger and bigger. Actually, the metrics he cares about have nothing to do with efficiency. The second is to assess a candidate's cultural alignment. You must do something thats above and beyond whats expected. I dont know if they got bathroom breaks, says TonyJamie Naughton, Zappos Chief of Staff, breaks in and confirms that they did. June 6, 2016. Zappos was burning cash and running out of money, and they quickly needed to turn round their fortunes and find a way to get to profitability fast. We originally published this post on September 9, 2016, and we updated it on February 6, 2019. They would ask each employee to write in a few paragraphs, the answer to the question: What does Zappos culture mean to you? The customers now do not have to worry about the fit, design, or comfort of the shoes and try out all the options at home. Well, thats good newsbut, seriously, what did they talk about? I persist. The base commander told Kelli that people like her make such a difference in the soldiers lives. Job candidates are thoroughly interviewed and screened to ensure their values match those of Zappos. In fact, the right customer service strategy can - and should - support your sales. He ditches the all-too-common mentality that the job of a contact center is to operate at the lowest cost, highest efficiency possible. Vegas is a place that attracts many tourists, and hence the culture of the city itself is that of service and hospitality. Deliver wow through service. On the surface, Zappos appears to be an average ecommerce company with a presence thats comparable to competitors. We focus on making sure we have a great service-focused culture. Either way, Zappos is depending on customer service as marketing, trusting that the intimate engagements theyre having are enough to cement the loyalty of the customers on those calls and ensure that word of the Zappos brand will spread. These personal posts served to spread the culture and mission, and was able to magnify the customer-centric philosophy that governed not only Zappos strategy, but the entire companys purpose. In fact, it's the Zappos company purpose: "To live and deliver 'WOW! Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with shoes. Agents dont use scripts and they never upsell. AI-powered text analytics has allowed Zappos to better understand the customer experience from start to finish. Zappos uses a differentiation strategy. Back when Zappos was still in its infancy, a lot of people said, "No way will people buy shoes online without even trying them on."

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