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We all took our stags, boars, tahr. We STRONGLY advise applying ONLY for the more expensive Special License (if you apply for the less expensive Regular license, you save $288, but odds of drawing drop tremendously unless you have at least 5 preference points). ph: (307) 473-3400 MANDATORY! I would highly recommend this outfit for those willing to hunt hard and push themselves. Trophy antelope, mule deer, elk. Absolutely amazing guides, great boats, an awesome fishery and wonderful local seafood. . Business State of Wyoming License fees or Conservation Stamp. Now realize that on 90 square miles, the small number of hunters is relatively no pressure. We also offer European mounts, open mouth fur rugs, full caping and tanning. What makes the Cross "C" Ranch different is the entire Antelope experience. Hunt Nation has sent upwards of 300 clients here over the last 15 years and every one of them have been successful on a self-guided hunt. Wyoming has ALL of the top four counties to kill a record-book antelope in North America: 1) Carbon County, 2) Sweetwater County, 3) Fremont Country, and 4) Natrona County. THIS IS A RIFLE HUNT ONLY NO BOWHUNTING IS ALLOWED. Ride along fee per person, per day includes meals/lodging $195.00, ADDITIONAL HUNTING DAYS: $875.00 per day. Rating: 3 (1566 Rating) Highest rating: 5. A Conservation Stamp is mandatory and costs $12.50. After getting completely settled,---off to their gun range to shoot my gun as well as the 416 Remington rental. I killed a 7 point unicorn cull (had broken off the right antler flush/into the skull) on the first afternoon and killed a big 15 point the next morning. This was physically one of the hardest hunts that I have ever done since we walked probably 8-10 miles each day through the marshy ground and the thick scrub, but I loved it! . I took two wonderful bears, both with exceptional hides. A quality hunting guide can make all . 03/10/22 03:02 PM. Wyoming. There are no hidden charges or trophy fees. View our current jobs, PRIVACY POLICY The wives could not stop talking about their snorkeling trips with the Lodges dive instructor who is a naturalist who also entertained us all at night with his National Geographic like under water closeup photos taken that day. Results are commonly available for Antelope on June 30th. Quota Type: Limited quota In recent years we have only had about 4 or 5 hunters actually draw each year, so there is plenty of available animals and hunt success is 100% regardless of dates! Any agreement regarding access and/or trespass fees for hunting are strictly between the landowner and the hunter, with no guarantee of any kind implied. All public land areas are heavily oversubscribed. Corey Fischer BG #273. Butch It was everything you said it would be. Since this is nearly a once in a decade chance, let the experience and knowledge of the guides at the Cross "C" Ranch get you the Wyoming Bull Elk of a lifetime. My hat is off to both you and them for providing an outstanding hunt and experience. Everyone young, old, accurate, inaccurate take their goats. License fees are not included in the hunt price. Trespass fee hunts are very hard to find these days. 1 on 1 hunts are an additional $1,100.00. My wife also really enjoyed herself even got to tag along on a hunt, and watched me shoot a bear. On this 6,500 acre privately owned ranch, with all the available feed for wildlife and as a direct result of our continuing efforts to improve wildlife habitat, there are abundant numbers of deer, elk, antelope and of course, eagles, hawks, owls, coyotes, fox etc. 3-day hunt $1,095 Son and I want to hunt antelope again in 2014. Rawhide Creek Ranch offers both Rifle and Archery hunting. Slots fill fast! I passed up so many big pronghorn I began to wonder if I should have shot 1 or tried to find a bigger 1. Author: Wyoming. If you're looking for an exciting hunt that offers an extremely high opportunity rate (90-100%) this is it. *All hunt prices are subject to an itemized and separated Meal and Lodging Tax of 12% required by Wyoming State Law. Some walking is required for Antelope as we only pursue and take game on the Cross C Ranch with Fair Chase methods. That would be nice, because it could be in a unit where a tag draw is possible because of a high percentage of private land. Wyoming Trespass Fee Antelope Hunt #142 ONLY $1095/PER PERSON! Antelope Photos # 2. 307-383-2413. 518 Goldie Divide Road Hulett, Wyoming 82720 307-282-0780 Wyomings wide open spaces offers some of the best hunting opportunities to be found. Nonresident Fees. View our Privacy Policy, NON-DISCRIMINATION NOTICE September 15-17, 18-20, 21-23, 24-26, 27-29. Below is a list of landowners in each region offering hunting access for deer. The season normally runs from about mid-September to end of October. They want to ranch and not deal with hunting and booking questions. We have approximately 110,000 acres of private ground to hunt and sit at about 4,000 feet in . antelope hunting opportunity for the October 15 hunting season is limited to that . . Visit the showroom at 104 W. Bridge Street in Saratoga, Wyoming. Antelope hunting is our specialty as our unit holds the larges concentration of antelope in North America. Just fill out the trip report form for me, and give him an A+ in every category. The common area was beautiful as was the grounds. We had a good hunt, but because the weather was moving in we got it done quickly. If funds were no object, I would return to them every year. Rifle Guided Antelope Hunt Aug 15 - Sep 20 $1495 for a buck and $400 per 1/2 day for a doe. General Info. We hunted a private ranch a couple years ago (paid a trespass fee of $500.00 ea), had to draw tags (which we did with no problem), and filled all our tags. Commission Information, ABOUT US Archers who wish to hunt in the special archery seasons shall possess a general (if applicable) or limited quota license in addition to a Special Archery license in order to hunt during the special archery season. Being a licensed Wyoming outfitter specializing in fully guided elk hunting, whitetail deer hunting, mule deer hunting, antelope hunting, turkey hunting and prairie dog hunting, we would love to have you come hunt with us on your next adventure! . The earlier we receive your final payment, the greater selection of hunt dates available. I got my moneys worth since it took until Saturday morning (last 1/2 day) to finally find a suicidal moose, but we closed the deal on a small bull. Add an Antelope to your itinerary and see one of the truly magnificent treasures of the American West! The hunt was simply awesome, and the tahr hunting was the most exciting experience that I have ever had. Looking at 25,26,8, or 9 but open to other units. Domestic pheasant hunting is available also. Russ and Mary were so helpful in preparing me for my first leopard hunt and I am grateful. Been there several times and will go back! GAME & FISH COMMISSION Wyoming.gov We are located in the Laramie Mountain Range, 30 miles West of Wheatland, Wyoming. View our current jobs, PRIVACY POLICY FULL PRICE License, Applications Open: January 3 The great outdoors await in Carbon County, Wyoming. We hunted a private ranch a couple years ago (paid a trespass fee of $500.00 ea), had to draw tags (which we did with no problem), and filled all our tags. Elk, deer, antelope. There is not a single thing out of place, it is a place you could take your spouse and they would just love hanging around the property. Commission Information, ABOUT US Private or inaccessible land which Game and Fish has leased rights for public hunting. When we arrived at the landing strip at camp, more great people to meet and take care of me. Reach and start the booking process. The ranch continuously works towards improved quality of our livestock operation and our outfitting business. Campfire Tracker. Wyoming State Parks, CAREERS REDUCED PRICE License. Have attached a couple of photos. Steve W. has been to this operation 5 times. Upon receipt of your full payment, Hunt Nation will also send you info on maps of the hunting area and directions on how to get there. We swapped a Texas guided aoudad sheep hunt to this outfitter in exchange for the upgrades on our stags. Those participating in guided archery hunts should note that the average shot is between 20 to 30 yards, but hunters should be adept at up to 40 yards for best results. J. JeffP OP. The applications for out-of-state licenses are due to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department on or before May 31st, 2023. The ranch is so vast that many exceptional antelope may never see a hunter, especially if youre willing to walk a bit and climb some hills to glass from. In 2010, the state was home to half a million animals. Thanks to all the staff for making my stay pleasant, I will long remember this hunt. Enjoy the clean, lean, organic meat that grocers or butchers can rarely provide. Bill J. said of this operation: "You should send every one of your African clients to this superb operation. To start----the outfitter and his staff are just great people to work with. Wyoming has some pretty big country, with all that country comes some pretty big predators! Thanks for putting it all together. Antelope Photos # 1. Carbon County GIS MapWyoming Game and Fish Wyoming Board of Outfitters, An outfitter or guide knowlegable about the area and wildlife will help ensure a successful hunting trip, Guided horseback hunts in wilderness with very comfortable tents. Bow and Rifle deer hunting are the most popular services offered. About Wyoming Game & Fish, STOP POACHING H. Joined: Nov 2005. The one my 12 year old son harvested scored 165 6/8. They have game cameras so they know what is and is not coming into the waterholes. Wyoming State Parks, CAREERS Butch, you sure do know how to find them! I hunted with a great guide, plenty of local knowledge, and a nice young man to be around. Reduced Price Landowner Doe/Fawn: $287.00, Reduced Price Landowner Youth Doe/Fawn: $125.00, Reduced Price Landowner Doe/Fawn Youth**: $19.00. Posts: 5,904. An opportunity for Game and Fish to list private landowner information so hunters seeking access can contact these willing landowners directly. Guides spoke great English, were adept and patient. we also offer Blue Ribbon Fishing. I never hunted such rich grounds. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime! All Elk Hunt Area 75 and 79 (Grand Teton National Park) hunters, regardless of age, must possess and exhibit a valid hunter safety certificate. We offer trespass Coyote Hunting packages as well as fully guided Mountain Lion Hunts in the winter months. The interactive map shows the Deer hunt areas in the Lander Region. Also handicapped hunts are very welcome, summer trips, fishing. Carbon County Visitors Council All Rights Reserved. They go out of their way to make everything great from you room; every meal, right to the very end of the adventure. Corner-crossing hunters claim 'shared airspace' in trespassing defense. Our Antelope hunting is primarily spot and stalk as Antelope tend to move often. Modify & Withdrawal Deadline: May 31 I went on your recommended Mozambique safari Hunt #157. Solo Antelope and Whitetail hunts add $500. wyolaw2@vcn.com. So trophy goats will be here you just have to be patient, be selective, and hunt hard for them. About Wyoming Game & Fish, STOP POACHING Dad killed a 400 stag and a 12 inch tahr. 184 Kirtley Rd. Not a single surprise in the whole trip. Elk Photos # 2. Our archery hunts are a combination of ground blinds, sitting over waterholes, and spot-and-stalk styles. Along with extensive amounts of prairie dogs, we also have an amazing 1000+ yd steel rifle range to even further assist with those bragging rights! A few years ago Butch took some family hunting his daughter, his granddaughter and his wife Joan, and all three generations of ladies took respectable antelope (13-14) in a single day by 2 pm! Would recommend to a friend. Our antelope hunting area is 17. The current price for an out-of-state license for antelope is $326.00. Mainly just for our doe tags. We pulled a stalk on a 6x6 with cows down in the valley, got in front of them, and shot him at 150 yards. Go on a Private Land Hunting in Northwest Colorado We host many hunters, which have become our friends. Transportation to and from Gillette Airport, Lodging, Meals, Snacks, PRICES "DO NOT INCLUDE" Wyoming Elk Hunting. Later hunts can actually be better, as trophy bucks are preoccupied with the rut. Antelope Hunting Access Casper (where most clients stay) has plenty of reasonably priced motels and restaurants. After the 4th day I pretty much have the whole ranch to myself. If you have any questions, please give us a call our fill out the form below. Box 1100 Preference Point Only***: July 1 - Oct 31, Applications Open: January 3 This is a huge plus! Please contact us for additional details on application dates, leftover permit availability, and results dates. Special Archery Season Limitations: 307-327-5216 Maddox Meat Processing - Medicine Bow Domestic and wild game processing, boned out and vacuum packed. View fullsize. I have hunted nearly 80 days per year since 1984 all over the world, and this guy is one of the best guides I have been fortunate to hunt with. Please click on the button below and enter your information and deposit amount. I will be booking again to hunt the same area. We were able to take about 5 animals each that was cheaper than a good elk hunt where you can only take one animal. Thanks for arranging such a great trip. Hunt Nation has had a relationship with these ranchers for many years. Just thought Id send a quick e-mail to let you know I had a great hunt last week. Carefully study the map we send you. Took two good bears, and the guiding & accommodation / food were excellent. All self-guided hunts require you to act in strict accordance with Wyoming game and trespass laws, including properly tagging animals (including LEAVING THE TESTICLES ATTACHED). Non-Resident Big Game Wyoming hunting licenses for Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, and Whitetail Deer are on a permit drawing basis. (It is very rare that we are not able to bring in a full Antelope carcass from the field for preparation.). Hi Joan& Butch. They simply floated and looked. I was soon settled in my cabin with more help than was needed. WELCOME TO SKYLINE OUTFITTERS we have Openings for ARea 117 Elk-2022. WYOMING WILDLIFE MAGAZINE - SUBSCRIBE TODAY! 3 Mountains, 8000 Acres. During rifle-guided antelope hunts, you should expect to make an average shot of 250 yards, but hunters should be proficient up to 300 yards. Our goal is to ensure you have the best antelope hunting experience possible. All hunt prices are subject to a 3% public land use fee. 4x4 hunts available. Hunt Nation can also suggest places to stay. The ranch abounds with wildlife and along with the above species you might also see whitetail deer, turkeys, eagles, fox, coyotes, game birds, prairie dogs and numerous other small game animals. Most importantly, the environment (accommodation, etc.) There is an amazing amount of antelope on that place. I may never get to go back to Africa------getting old just ain't for sissies----but if I do get to go, it will most likely be with them again for their great plains game. Downloada digital version or have a printed guide mailed to you. I'll shoot you back your CRITIQUE form and a more detailed letter as soon as I catch a breather here. Nemec Ranch : Quota Type: Limited quota If you do not draw (results by around late June), the deposit will be rolled over to the next year or returned to you your choice. Species that are commonly hunted in Crook County, Wyoming include Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Elk, Pronghorn Antelope and Turkey. Joined: Aug 2003. Hunters from all walks of life have been 100% successful on this unguided hunt. I have a friend with a few points, so maybe I can talk him into it for next year and I can use his points to draw. Full Price: $341.00; Special: $629.00; Full Price Youth**: $125.00; . These four counties alone account for over 689 Boone and Crockett entries (over 22% of the entire record book for North America). All hunt prices are per person, based on double occupancy. Where outfitting is not just a job it's a way of life. Non-resident Wyoming Game and Fish license fees are: Deer: $389.00 Youth Deer: $125.00 Antelope: $341.00 Youth Antelope: $125.00 . Hes 13 inches and 9 inch bases. The Ranch offers elk, deer, and pronghorn. P.O. Thanks again for all your help. License draw rates vary from year to year but we hunt many areas that draw at 100%. 1579 N Main Street Ste 100 PO Box 250 Cedar City, UT 84721 Phone: (435) 865-1020 Dear Butch, Government Report a violation, ONLINE STORE Specializing in Archery Antelope: The Wyoming archery antelope hunts offer you 5 full hunting days. Ralph S. Had a great elk hunt with this outfitter out in Colorado in Sept. As you know, Mike and I took some nice elk out there. Fortunately, with abundant antelope herds, there are more than enough antelope to provide you with excellent shot opportunities. Trophy Antelope. 89 Muddy Creek Road, Buffalo, WY 82834 (307) 217-1401 wadetaylorta@gmail.com: Wyoming Antelope, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer and Elk Hunts State of Wyoming license # BG-166 : Welcome to . This was an exceptional hunt. We have several vibrant alfalfa fields that line a beautiful cottonwood river bottom that plays home to both species throughout the year. Guided Wyoming antelope hunts with Wagonhound Outfitters are an extremely exciting 100% shot opportunity. Oh yeah, we got some great Antelope Bucks too! The advantage of hunting with Wagonhound Outfitters on our private land is that our goal is to help you find the right trophy! Note that if you apply as a group (up to 6 people), Wyoming pools all the points. W. Joined: Nov 2012. Below is a listing of regional landfill and transfer station facilities, around this hunt area, that may accept waste from processed game animals and whole carcasses. And they will check your permission slips!! was acceptable for my 18-year old daughter. These states are our top choices for a first-time pronghorn hunt. I was then taken to my main camp and met Sara and my PH, LJ Marisi. Several in our group had little or no fly fishing experience but guides taught them enough for them to score on bones and hook them on the sport. Our rifle antelope hunts start October 1st and end October 31st. The summer months offer some beautiful views and lots of great activities on the Cross C Ranch. Our guide was exceptional and very knowledgeable. Greatly appreciate the help provided by Don during the planning and booking of the trip! Without a hunt deposit, you could have a tag and no place to hunt. We have no more than 1 hunting party on the property at any one time. Thanks guys for the wonderful pronghorn location. I highly recommend this hunt for anyone. The Russians were extremely accommodating. We are a family ran hunting operation hunting on 100,000 + acres of private hunting leases. It does not show where these landowners are located.Select a hunt area from the drop down menu below to see a list of Lander Region landowners currently offering Deer hunting access. View our Non-Discrimination Notice. I've never seen so many trophy animals in all of my hunts combined. Thats a really good feeling when on a hunt. They cater to both hunters and fishermen as well as corporate retreats and family vacations. We promote the positive benefits to conservation that both agriculture and hunting provide. If it . Wyoming Big Game Outfitter Thunder Ridge Outfitters is a licensed and insured Wyoming outfitter. Wyoming.gov Outfitter, Camp, Food, Guide, Equipment, Trophy care are all Excellent. (Some of our other adventures, like our Wyoming mule deer hunts, also have an . Tourism Posts: 72. Cheyenne, WY 82006 307-777-4600 http://gf.state.wy.us/ Bridger-Teton National Forest Pinedale Ranger District - BTNF 29 E Fremont Lake Road, P.O. Elk Photos # 1. Your Business is Deer to Us. I was done hunting in 1 1/2 days. Truth is, this is where we personally like to chase antelope. It's where we take our friends, our family and our grandkids, plus we have sent about 350 clients here over the past 20 years. Wyoming is a premier Trophy Hunting destination for Elk, Mule Deer and Antelope. We have great success rates with many trophies making Pope and Young. Landowner lists may be available from some regional offices. Crazy Woman Outfitters, Buffalo, Wyoming - Great Wyoming elk, deer and antelope hunting. We had a great time and I would highly recommend it. Great place for spouses and families. He had lots of game, but this was not a canned hunt. My hunt in New Zealand could not have been better and was a dream come true. Compliance will be checked in the field. DEPOSITS If you meet the Armed Forces/Wyoming Peace Officer exemption requirements or you have obtained special 1 year authorization through the Hunter Mentor Program, you are exempt from hunter education. Permitted by the MBNF as an equal opportunity provider. Butch, Thanks for setting me up on a great red stag hunt! My turn, I caught my 4, and put Joan back in bow to catch her 4, and so we kept trading all morning. Pope & Young . A special authorization issued to an individual shall be valid for one (1) year from the date of issue and shall be in the possession of the recipient at all times while in the field. In Wyoming, our antelope rifle hunting season runs from October 5th to the end of October. We are located within the natural migration route. The outfitter, his dad, and our guide, Bob, were just great. Business Rates do not include transportation to Rockin' 7 Ranch, Wyoming hunting licenses, taxes and . Hunts are available on a 1:1 hunter to guide ratio at an additional 20% fee. I have a friend with a few points, so maybe I can talk him into it for next year and I can use his points to draw. Special archery seasons close when the earliest regular season opens for the hunt area opens. Northeastern Wyoming Most of our antelope hunts take place on private leases. Hunt the High Country | Hunt Johnsons | Private Ranch Hunting [email protected] . Learn More About Our Gillette Wyoming Hunts. Because Antelope Hunt Area Type 2 licenses, which are valid only on private lands, are a guaranteed draw, most hunters make arrangements for hunting a year or more in advance. Bipods or sticks should be useable in both the prone and sitting positions. In general, the more expensive Special Price license gives you much better draw odds. View our Privacy Policy, NON-DISCRIMINATION NOTICE Wyoming has a two-stage, two license draw system. Butch: Thanks for another awesome hunt. To be eligible for the drawings, hunters must obtain applications for each species from: Or, click here (Wyoming Game & Fish Apply or Buy) to purchase online. Full Price: $341.00; Special: $629.00; Full Price Youth**: $125.00; . Book solo or with a group. Hunt for Moose, Elk, Pronghorn Antelope, Mule Deer, White-tailed Deer, Big Horn Sheep, Blue Grouse, Wild Turkey, Mountain Lion, Black Bear and more. On to the hunt---------game was plentiful and the PH and the two trackers, Mudu and Venise were just outstanding. View our Privacy Policy, NON-DISCRIMINATION NOTICE We obviously want to hunt as hard as we can while were young before we start settling down. As you view both the pictures below and the added gallery you will notice that we can provide a wide arrange of hunting areas for your next Antelope Hunt with a wide selection of genetics and trophies. My guide for my hunt was outstanding. The mountains, meadows, and river bottoms offer high protein natural feed to grow quality healthy animals. You made my trip an easy and enjoyable experience! Q Creek Ranch has long been known for producing many trophy antelope, elk and mule deer. I passed up so many big pronghorn I began to wonder if I should have shot 1 or tried to find a bigger 1. We offer both town and bunkhouse Wyoming antelope hunting with dates beginning in mid-August. Visit our Region Page. The interactive map shows the Antelope hunt areas in the Lander Region. All Wyoming antelope hunt areas are managed under a limited quota framework, meaning there are a set number of licenses valid for each specific hunt area. Offers rifle hunts during the month of October for elk and deer on private property. Thanks. Dan K. Here is what another client had to say: Please feel free to use me as a reference. Here is a comment from a recent client: Hours. We also offer DIY unguided drop camp hunts for the individual or group hunting either elk, deer, or antelope. If you choose, you may combine with the deer, making this an excellent combination hunt. It allows the user to view boundaries, facilities, etc in a 3D format. Not even sure what the going rate is for that but sure I could make a couple calls and find out. A point is just $30. Posts: 7,164. Site Proudly Built by Razor Thin Media, LLC. We prefer utilizing low-pressure tactics as we believe it provides better opportunities and success rates for hunters throughout the season. I don't mind paying a "Trespass Fee" either. Best regards, Marilyn. Thanks. Dan K. Thanks guys for the wonderful pronghorn location. I had a great hunt. State of Wyoming License fees or Conservation Stamp. Wagonhound Outfitters encourages you to join us on one of our guided antelope hunts in picturesque Wyoming. The Ranch is a 20,000+ acre privately owned outfitting and cattle Ranch. I did a quick rough score on my stag and it should be between SCI 310 and SCI 320. The deer hunting on the Ranch is truly special as it is run out of our Hunting Lodge with excellent access to the entire Ranch Wyoming Area 7 Elk tags are very hard to come by today. I was pleased and blessed to find all of you. Tourism Regular fees stay the same and quotas were approved at the Commission meeting this week. OP. Wyoming.gov Hunts take places out of ground blinds over water holes. The buff, banteng, sambar and rusa are great trophies, especially with muzzle-loader. by Angus M. Thuermer Jr. April 25, 2023. The meat processorwas great to deal with. View our Non-Discrimination Notice. 307-327-5063, Koyoty Sports and Trophy Room Taxidermy - SaratogaSince 1983, professional taxidermist Warden Patzer has been helping hunters and fishermen preserve their outdoor adventures through custom designed mounts, furs and rugs. And it was very reasonably priced to boot. . Our trophy antelope tent camp three-day hunt runs throughout September in Area 47. We specialize in trophy class guided hunts for Elk, Deer, Antelope, and Moose . He has the best eyes, even better than his trackers, and can track an animal better than any PH that I have ever been with. TRIPLE H RANCH. With more than 300,000 acres of private ranchland, we offer hunters game-rich country, years of experience, and the best guides in the business! Gonna have one guy with 2 points one guy with one point. I had a great hunt. You can expect to see lots of animals every day you hunt. Special archery licenses are available to purchase in our electronic licensing system. Trophy Deer, Elk and Antelope Hunts in Northeastern Wyoming. Camp. The food was easily 5-star every meal. Government Tentative Draw Results Available: June 15 Wyoming has the largest antelope population in the country.

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